Festivalul Filmului Evreiesc Bucuresti




Festivalul Filmului Evreiesc Bucureşti se înscrie într-o reţea ce include peste 130 de evenimente organizate în întreaga lume sub brand-ul Jewish Film Festival. Cea de-a saptea ediţie a festivalului se va desfăşura la Bucureşti în perioada 14 octombrie- 21 octombrie 2017, la Sinagoga Mare, Centrul Comunitar Evreiesc-JCC si Institutul Cervantes.

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  • Teatru

    În avanpremiera festivalului, în perioada 08-10 octombrie 2017, vă propunem două piese de teatru: “Zece cutii de chibrituri” de Janusz Korczak și “Herzl: Un vis care a devenit realitate”.


    Festivalul propune publicului o bogată selectie de filme:

  • Musashi 2018

    Site-ul expoziției: www.musashithesculpture.ro Pagina de Facebook a expoziției: musashi.the.sculpture Articol din Evenimentul Zilei: "O premiera mondiala..."
  • American Citizen 2017

    An Israeli sports journalist befriends an American basketball pro playing in Israel. Although from very different backgrounds, their love for the game deepens their friendship. Each learns to value the other's culture. Filmul va fii difuzat in data de 17 Octombrie la ora 18:00. Genul Filmului: Drama...
  • As Tears Go By 2017

    Yaakov Cherniak and his son Itzhak are the owners of a small company, organizing parties and special events. They go to weddings, Bar -Mitzva's, and Birthdays, providing the sound equipment and a female singer who sings Israeli songs.Their dream is to expand into a big time catering service. But in...
  • Into the Night 2017

    A common crisis changes the complicated relationship between a father and his middle-aged son, both trapped in unhappy marriages. Filmul va fii difuzat in data de 16 Octombrie la ora 19:30. Genul Filmului: Drama Durata Filmului este de 97 de minute. Limba originala a filmului: Hebrew Regia: Eitan Gr...
  • Indoors 2017

    Avraham is a small time contractor who is trying to make it big. His family lives in the shadow of his career ambitions as he gambles on projects that exceed his capacities, until one of these projects leaves him drowning in debts that he cannot repay. Under the threat of their father's financial di...
  • Sand Storm

    When their entire lives shatter, two Bedouin women struggle to change the unchangeable rules, each in her own individual way. As wedding festivities get underway in a Bedouin village in Israel, Jalila finds herself in the awkward position of hosting her husband Suliman’s marriage to a second, much y...
  • The Band's Visit

    The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel from Egypt for a cultural event. They soon find out that there is no delegation to meet them, nor any arrangements to get to their destination of Petah Tiqva. They struggle to find accommodations in an unfamiliar place. Filmul va fii difuz...
  • Beyond the Mountains and Hills

    David is discharged from the army after serving 27 years. He finally returns to his family and tries to find himself in his new civilian life. When a friend suggests working for a company that markets dietary supplements, David sees this as an opportunity to get his foot in the door of the business...
  • The Garden of Eden

    Gan HaShlosha, better known as the "Sakhne", is one of the largest, most famous and most visited parks in Israel. Director Ran Tal expresses with exceptional cinematic measures the abundance of conflicted elements of the Israeli soul. During the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons of one full ye...
  • Ben-Gurion, Epilogue

    Based on archive material, the film reveals the final years of Israel's founder, David Ben-Gurion. Excluded from leadership, he allowed himself a hindsight perspective on the Zionist enterprise. / A six-hour interview with David Ben-Gurion, one of modern history's greatest leaders, emerges from the...
  • Death in the Terminal

    A thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style, with several eyewitnesses offering their own perspectives on a single tragic event. On October 18, 2015, a terrorist started shooting at the bus terminal in the Israeli town of Be’er Sheva, killing an Israeli soldier. This detailed, minute-by-m...
  • My First Wedding

    In "My First Wedding" ("Mi primera boda"), Jewish-born Adrián and Catholic-born Leonora have finally reached their wedding day. Instead of gracefully embracing matrimony, Adrián spends the hours leading up to the ceremony trying to postpone it, not because he's got cold feet (or does he?), but becau...
  • El árbol de la muralla

    It took Jack Fuchs, one of the last survivors of the Holocaust living in Jack Fuchs, at his lucid 88 years of age, is one of the few survivors of the extermination camps during the Second World War who, today, lives in Buenos Aires. Born in Lodz, Poland, he was imprisoned for four years in one of Lo...
  • The Struma

    In 1941 nearly 800 Romanian Jews board a 46 meter boat called the Struma, a refugee ship bound for Palestine. The vessel is horribly overcrowded, the people are packed together like sardines, and then the engine fails. Limping along the Struma manages to reach Istanbul Harbor and then it waits while...



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  • Felicia Waldman directorul festivalului
  • Liviu Carmely, director artistic
  • Ovidiu Morar, manager de proiect
  • Ovidiu Morar, preşedintele Fundaţiei Culturale Art Promo
  • Emil Stanciu- Director comunicare